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Costume from Vega de Almería

Costume from Vega de Almería


Cotton blouse, black velvet doublet, small silk mantilla decorated with coloured embroidery, pleated blue wool skirt embellished with blue silk ribbon and bow appliqués in two rows on the front and an apron adorned with white lace.

Young woman’s dress for celebrations that draws on all the possible ways of enriching a garment, on the one hand the fabrics are high quality, within the proprietress’s possibilities, velvet and silk, and on the other it is decorated with the fruits of her handiwork, the numerous pleats on the skirts, the colonial ribbons used to adorn it, the white apron and the rich lace edging that adorns it, and as the finishing touch the small Manilla shawl, a garment that from the mid-19th century went on to become a symbol of costumes worn for celebrations in Spanish women’s attire.

Inventory: MT-005544-53 y MT-005555


  • VV.AA., Moda en Sombras, 1991: 134, 135, 176

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