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Traje de Vistas Costume from Alberca

Traje de Vistas Costume from Alberca

La Alberca (Salamanca)

Blouse with sleeves and cuffs embroidered in black. The cuffs are also trimmed in crochet in the same colour.

Over the blouse, a doublet fitted to the body with a drawstring. On the lower part, an unadorned long skirt, over which another in purple broadcloth, trimmed with four imitation hems in various colours and decorated with black velvet strips and pink ribbon on which metallic lace is applied. Over these, an apron decorated in the same style, framing the jewellery.

The head is adorned with a white wimple with coloured ribbons.

The traje de vistas from La Alberca is the costume adorned with most jewellery.

It was only used for the most important occasions. At present, the few examples preserved can be viewed on the 15th and 16th of August, known as “Diagosto”, that celebrates the feast of Our Lady of the Assumption. The costume enhances the jewellery, which is why the apron is decorated with a fold that frames the large hanging necklaces. The ensemble is replete with symbolic and protective elements, not just in the jewellery, but also in the garments and the way they’re placed.

Inventory: MT-064676-85


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