Semi-circular Mantilla

Semi-circular Mantilla Pulse para ampliar

Ca. 1860

Semi-circular mantilla in ivory-coloured linen thread. It has a tulle background decorated with a broad strip obtained by overlapping in three rows that alternate the two-headed eagle with the fleur-de-lis. Both symbols of the Royal House are dotted with a pattern of bezants.

The edge of the shawl is entirely decorated with a floral garland of duchesse Brussels lace in which we can admire the application of leaf shaped lace that is overlapped and open. The floral motifs are very realistic, daisies, narrow leaves on an undulating stalk, pebbles and acanthus leaves. The outline is slightly wavy. It is created by overlapping an ornamental motif of four leaves with another of three flowers similar to daisies, both alternating with a sort of central rose.

The upper part of the small shawl continues the same decorative pattern with the exception of the three rows which gradually decrease in space until there are two.

The Brussels lace types emerged with the goal of producing fabrics of extraordinary quality for party gowns, royal mantles, etc… The most important characteristic to define them was the creation of motifs on one side and a tulle background on the other, and the decoration is always floral. When this type of lace has a reseau of machine-made tulle it is a mixed lace, highly used in large-sized garments such as veils and royal capes. Occasionally, as occurs in this case, the motifs were of bobbin lace that were later filled with adornments of needle-made artistic dots. The application of the superimposed leaf is typical from 1860 on.

Inventory: MT-017715


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