Chasuble Pulse para ampliar

Toledo, ca. 1690

Chasuble in patterned velvet with a base weave in French faille, it has very thick cotton wefts and yellow floss silk warp. Float spans in weft decorate the piece with golden bullion thread with a silk core. The velvet traces large symmetrical motifs of pomegranates from which two trunks emerge that end in small posies of flowers, completed with pineapple and thistle. The neck is trimmed with a wide braid of golden bullion threads with symmetrical motifs of palmettes set against leaves, with a Gros-de-Tours weave. The perimeter also has a narrower braid with ringed fringe and bullion thread on silk core that traces motifs of geometric leaves following a zig-zag pattern. Hemp lining with taffeta weave.

Both the decorative motifs and the materials and techniques position this chasuble in Spain, at the end of the 17th century.

Inventory: MT-089327


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