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Damask fabric in deep red with satin weave

Damask fabric in deep red with satin weave Pulse para ampliar

Ca. 1650

Deep red damask with satin weave and brocaded with golden-coloured metallic bullion thread on a silk core. The decoration follows a pattern of vertical lines in which the motifs are not parallel but abutted. The pomegranate is accompanied by floral elements that envelop it to create a network.

This design appears in many Spanish fabrics dating from long before, but in each period there are peculiarities, like in this example from the mid-17th century. Although the decoration is still framed within a network, this creates movement effects as the layout is not repetitive. In addition, the motifs get smaller and smaller than in the previous period.

Dation: INDITEX S.A., 2003

Inventory: MT-088651


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