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Pedro Rodríguez

Traje de chaqueta midi-mini, 1970. Dibujo S.Iberti. Colección Museo del Traje Pulse para ampliar
Traje de otoño-invierno,1956-57. Línea "Mariposa". Colección Museo del Traje Pulse para ampliar
Blusa y pantalón, ca 1965. Dibujo: M. Scarxell. Colección Museo del Traje Pulse para ampliar
Fotografía III Semana de la Moda Ablib 1973. Modelo "Fiesta en piscina". Colección Museo del Traje Pulse para ampliar
Traje de pantalón, ca 1968. Dibujo S. Iberti. Colección Museo del Traje Pulse para ampliar
Vestido, ca 1967. Colección Museo del Traje Pulse para ampliar

Acquisition of the documental archive of the haute couture brand Pedro Rodríguez

The Museo del Traje has augmented its important documental collection with the acquisition of the documental archive of the brand Pedro Rodríguez, one of the most important designers in the history of Spanish fashion.

A contemporary of Cristóbal Balenciaga, he was a pioneer in our country in adopting the rules of the Trade Association of Haute Couture from Paris, and co-founder and president, until his death, of the Cooperativa de la Alta Costura Española. This archive spans the professional career of Pedro Rodríguez from 1939 to 1976, the period known as the Golden Age of Spanish haute couture.

The archive comprises 182 albums of figurines arranged by seasons, around 16,500 figurines in different sizes, 32 albums of photographs from the 1950s, some 1,650 loose photographs from the 1960s and 1970s signed by the most prestigious photographers of the time, about 800 slides and 60 albums of press cuttings, from both Spain and abroad, which are proof of the fame the company enjoyed throughout the world.

Taking possession of this enormous archive makes it possible to chart the creative process of haute couture from the moment the idea forms in the designer’s head until the garment appears on the client’s body, and was the objective of the exhibition Alta Costura sobre papel. Figurines de Pedro Rodríguez (1940-1976), which took place at the Museo del Traje between March and June 2012.

Donation from the Fernández Durán family

In 2011 a selection of garments from the family wardrobe was added to the collection, including suits and hats designed by Pedro Rodríguez and dated from 1950 to 1978, some with their original invoices dated between 1969 and 1979, and accompanied by photographs from the family archive of the suits being worn.


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