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Planning your visit

Imagen de la sala dedicada a moda española
One of the windowcases of the Permanent Exhibition.

Virtual static visit

You find all the pieces that are exhibited on displayuntil the Exhibition closing in July 2019, and there is specific information for each piece.

Web page of the dynamic virtual tour

Dynamic virtual tour

This tour that takes us through the Museo’s rooms, was made using the contents of the collection in 2012. Contents can also be shared on social media, including Twitter and Facebook. The Museo del Traje is in constant movement, the pieces are exhibited for a certain period of time and then stored again to ensure their perfect conservation.

You can download the information LEAFLET and the EXHIBITION ROOM BROCHURES with all the pieces included in the Permanent Exhibition.

This is the Museum MAP providing information on the Permanent Exhibition and the locations inside the Museum building.

We have EASY-TO-READ materials, for people with difficulties reading and understanding the language; people with cognitive disabilities or other disabilities affecting their reading or comprehension ability.


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