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From the Crinoline to the Bustle

The final third of the 19th C. was a time of frenetic colonial, political and trading activity. The introduction of public transportation in cities led to the demise of the huge crinoline petticoats and hoop-skirts of the Romantic era. The first fashion houses began to appear at mid-century. They made and sold clothes bearing labels with the name of the designer. In fact, it was one of these designers, Charles F. Worth, who is credited with making the shift from the crinoline to the bustle.

Innovations in chemistry such as the new synthetic aniline dyes extenden the range of colours used in clothing, and pinks, fuchsias, violets and purples become popular. Men's attire remained conservative, and black was de rigueur. Men's formal evening dress was entirely black except for the shirts collars and cuffs.


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