Bed chamber


“Bedchamber, is a chamber for sleeping in, with a vaulted roof. Little bedchamber, the same chamber when it is small." Sebastián de Covarrubias, Tesoro de la lengua castellana o española, 1611.

Returning to the receiver the visit continues towards the back of the house through a small room with no direct light which was probably used as a bedroom. It must not be forgotten that six or seven people lived on this floor of the house who would all have needed a bed, although during the daytime some of them would be folded away.

To recall this use a bed has been set up here with a gilded headboard formed by arches with small columns, topped with vases, and with fluted legs which are also gilded. It dates from the early 16th century and was already in the house although it had never been put on display. Cervantes’ wife’s dowry, as mentioned above, lists mattresses, sheets and blankets and specifically "a blue coverlet for the bed with its valance of the same".

Here, as in other parts of the house, the walls have been protected with matting to keep out the damp. A simple linen hanging has been used for the dividing curtains, seeking the provisional appearance which the house most probably had, as the family only lived in it for three years.Salto de línea


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