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The house in pictures

Since the Marquis de la Vega Inclán, King Alfonso XIII , and Mr. Archer Huntington, buy houses to establish in them a cultural institution to include a library and a museum , there are many images that have been captured by their external and internal .

The printing press of the period, Travelers , Huntington himself, founder of The Hispanic Society of America sent expeditions for many years photographers who took pictures of the types and locations of Spain , and these collections are preserved today in its files. The Comisaría Regia de Turismo would publish numerous postcards from images, which are stored in files that are available now digitized.Salto de línea

vista antigua de la casa desde la calle Miguel Iscar
postal con vista de la casa de Cervantes
vista antigua del pórtico frente a la fachada
postal con vista de la fachada de la casa de Cervantes
vista antigua de la biblioteca con los lectores
vista antigua de la cocina de la casa
vista antigua de la Sala América
vista antigua del patio interior
vista antigua del patio interior

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