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The Museum’s collection is formed by more than 25,000 objects, mostly pre-Columbian, ethnographic and colonial. The most ancient collections come from the Real Gabinete de Historia Natural, that was founded in the mid XVIII century. In 1771 king Carlos III created a new Cabinet that incorporated pieces from the firsts archaeological excavations carried out in America, as well as ethnographic objects collected during scientific expeditions.

Salto de línea In 1868 this collections passed to the recently funded Museo Arqueológico Nacional. From that moment, the purchases and donations contributed to increase the American collections. In 1941 the Museum of America was founded, and through the second half of the XX century, the collections of colonial art were significantly increased, while pre-Columbian and ethnographic materials were acquired as well. The Museum of America was displayed inside of the Museo Arqueológico Nacional while the current building was being constructed.Salto de línea In 1965 the new and current venue was inaugurated and to this day, its collections continue to increase.Salto de línea

The Museum's Collections
Chimú Sculpture
Aguaruna Hairdress
Ilustrous lady with her black slave
Vicente Albán
The water godess Chalchiuhtlicue
diosa del agua azteca

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