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Attention to researchers

Atención a investigadores

Requirements and Procedures

The Museum of America can provide access to its museographical and document collections to those researchers or second and third year university students who request it, subject to accreditation of that status by one of the following means:

• Researchers and second and third year university students who perform their tasks in the context of an academic or scientific institution

- Letter of introduction issued by the director or teacher responsible for the corresponding research, bearing the letterhead and seal of the institution

- Document accrediting the performance of postgraduate studies in areas linked to the collections requested to be consulted

**In exceptional cases, access to the consultation of museographical collections may be granted to Degree students, provided that the request is adequately reasoned. To this end, the procedure stipulated for postgraduate students shall be followed.

• Independent researchers

- Letter of introduction, signed by the interested party, explaining the subject of study and the pieces wished to be examined, justifying the need for their consultation for the purposes of the research undertaken.


The request must be made by e-mail to the address and must include the following Request form duly completed, signed and scanned, as well as the accrediting document, also scanned.

When the request has been received, the Museum of America will designate a responsible person who will contact the researcher in order to arrange the visit(s). So that the request may be properly processed, it is recommended to send it at least one month prior to the envisaged visit date. The Museum of America reserves the right to modify the periods and dates authorised for the visits according to scheduling needs or those of its human resources.

Salto de línea Access to the resources

On their visits to the Museum for the consultation of collections, researchers must show one of the following valid identification documents: DNI/NIE, passport or driving licence. It will be essential to show the original document.

Access to the Museum’s collections shall be provided while respecting the normal operation of the public visiting services and the appropriate conditions for preserving the cultural assets, and shall be subject to firm and strict compliance with the following Consultation rules.

Image transfer

Upon request of the researcher, the Museum may authorise the taking of images of the museum and documentary resources. In this case, when the Museum deems it appropriate, the researcher must promise to provide a copy in digital format of said images and to transfer the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation of these to the Museum of America, on a non-exclusive basis.

This transfer shall be formalised during the visit by means of the researcher signing the following Commitment to transfer document.

The Museum in turn shall respect the author’s moral right of authorship of the works, unless expressly indicated to the contrary.


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