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Rules related to the visit

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

• For the safety and preservation of the collections, the maximum number of visitors per group is 25 people.Salto de línea • To allow evacuation, there's a limit of 10 wheelchairs per floor.Salto de línea • Large Packages, bags, umbrellas, backpacks etc. will be deposited on the cloakroom.Salto de línea • Children under 4 years must be accompanied by an adult, and the rest of minors under the supervision of a responsible person.Salto de línea • The members of a group should stay together and be at all times accompanied by those responsible for them.Salto de línea • It is not allowed to touch the exhibited items or lean on the showcases.Salto de línea • It is allowed to take pictures inside the museum, except with flash or tripod.Salto de línea • It is only allowed to consume food and beverages in the designated areas.Salto de línea • Smoking is not permitted inside the building.Salto de línea • It is not allowed to disturb the rest of the visitors or to have unhygienic behaviors.Salto de línea • Mobile phones should be set in silent mode during the visit to the Museum. In case of needing to talk, please leave the exhibition halls. Salto de línea • Guide dogs for blind people are allowed to enter the Museum. They should be identified through documentation stating their condition.Salto de línea • The ticket office closes 30 minutes before the Museum's closing time.Salto de línea • The evacuation of showrooms start 15 minutes before closing time.Salto de línea • Failure to follow these rules, or any other inappropriate behavior in the judgment of those responsible for the Museum, may result in expulsion from the Museum, without prejudice to other responsibilities that may arise.

Salto de línea The Museum's Head-office.Salto de línea


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