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  1. Clermont-Ferrand 2021
  2. Lab + Young Audience

Market Programme: New Spanish Shorts @ CF21 (Lab + Young Audience)

Lab and Young aucience selection of New Spanish Films at Clermont-Ferrand 2021

Discover the Spanish representation of daring and fresh proposals in what has been described as the festival’s “right prescription for visual addicts” this year turning 20 years old (Lab) and featuring Xacio Baños experimental documentary ‘Augas abisais’ and Alberto Vázquez Annecy-winner animated short ‘Homeless Home’. Get the chance to watch our Young Audience Programme selections: the story of a father and daughter and their extraordinary journey through their memories presented by makers Cristina Vilches Estella and Paloma Canonica; and from a land where the rain never stops the moving ‘Umbrellas’ by Alvaro Roblès and José Prats.


Young Audience

Cristina Vilches Estella, Paloma Canonica, Alicia Bayona Casas, 2019. Salto de línea No dialogue. 13’30’’

The story of a father and daughter and their extraordinary journey through their memories.


Young Audience

José Prats, Álvaro Robles, 2020.Salto de línea No dialogue. 12’

Kyna, a six-year-old girl is afraid of the rain. When her dog Nana disappears she will embark on an adventure of self discovery in which she will be bound to face her greatest fear without the protection of her father.

Homeless Home

Lab Competition

Alberto Vázquez Rico, 2020. Salto de línea Spanish (English, French subtitles). 15’

No one can escape their roots, however rotten they may be.

Deep Waters

Augas abisais

Lab Competition

Xacio Baño, 2020. Galician, Spanish. Salto de línea Galician, Spanish (English, Spanish subtitles). 25’

[Click]Salto de línea A light turns on. They are elusive and hard to see. They inhabit where nothing is. There. In the deep.


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